My Poetry Elsewhere on the Web

Several journals have featured my poems online after publishing them in print. You can find some of them here:

On the website of the now (sadly) defunct Formalist:

The Question of Suicides at Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls sonnet also appears in an anthology.

Verse Daily chose this one after it appeared in Crazyhorse:

Owls in the City Hills

Calyx posted this one, although they didn’t break line 1 the way I wanted it (I was trying to make a joke about rhyming!):

Love Sonnet

The Quotable selected this one for inclusion in their “Place” issue:

Birds by the Bay

The Notre Dame Review solicited both an author statement and additional poems for their website, so you can find two older poems here.

The West Wind Review selected one of three poems they published to appear on their website, but the site is apparently now defunct. So I’ve posted the poem here.

My poem “Burr” is quoted in its entirety in Francisco Dominguez’s review of the Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, volume 3: click here for that review.

2 thoughts on “My Poetry Elsewhere on the Web

    • Hey, L.J., Thanks for visiting! The robin’s egg poem has not as yet been published by a literary journal, so I’m not putting it up on the site.

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