Sonnet: White on Gray

Snow on boughs; a blizzard—these are what
we must perceive, what every simple mind
must see in any layering of white
on gray; and now the work is all behind
the painted surface: deep into the walls,
a scene that grows for miles, invisible
with evergreens enswirled in winter falls
of spinning, weighted white—and audible
in that strange way of snow-thick atmosphere,
as if it seals the world, creates a shift
in pressure and a humming in the ear,
or absence of a humming, or as if
some chemistry precipitates all sound,
and brings it falling silent to the ground.

Sono Osato, Munen Muso, detail
_______Sono Osato, Munen Muso, detail (see her gallery here)

This poem first appeared in West Wind Review, number 23, 2004, as part of a suite of poems titled Abstracts, on some paintings in a room, inspired by Sono Osato’s work.


One thought on “Sonnet: White on Gray

  1. Mm-hmm… Makes me think or rather ruminate / percolate & pass on, maybe quietly, until & beyond the submerge(nce?) of same. [Couldn’t get “Cattleguard” to allow a simple comment, ” ‘Yep.’ — Gary Cooper”]. [My, such weighty epistlary & commentary].

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